10 things that is needed to become a gigolo

Lightly I have received a lot of mails regarding who to become a gigolo. I though I`m going to answer the basic and most asked questions in this post. I`m starting to get tired of people asking for the same over and over, so I hope this post will give you all the information you need.

1. Age. I always get the question what age is good. My answer is easy: supply and demand. If you have a look no mater age that people want, your good.

2. Where to find clients. There are a lot on people on this earth. But the cheapest way to find clients is through the internet. Make a presentation on yourself with picture, and get in touch with girls.

3. Is there any romance in this job. Yes, but not with the clients. It`s ok to treat a client like a friend, but never as a date! NEVER! The last ting a gigolo need is a client with a crush.

4. socializing. Never to this. You don`t socialize with you boss, and the clients are your boss. Never see them as friends, just as your boss. If it was not for them, you won`t getting any money.

5. Price. Always tell them what the price is, and that you are a gigolo. It`s really risky to not tell the price. Girls or boys are not so familiar with the thought of guys selling sex. Don`t give them that suprize.

6. Viagra. Never use this. If you plan on working as a gigolo, and don`t get it hard, viagra should not be an option. It`s bad for you in the amounts that is needed to do this job.

7. How to stay hard. Well, basically you should have so much sex, that it feel`s just the same as jerking off. If your own hand can make you horny, then a girl should too.

8. How to live. To be enable to have sex so often, it`s important to exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep. I can`t say how important the last one is.

9. Test your self. Go out, find the most ugly chick in the bar, and do her. When you are sober. Then repeat this 10 times. If you then feel ok about it, you are ready to do start working.

10. Wear protection. Just do it. I don`t want any of you guys to get some kind of disease!


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