How to have sex with some one who dosen`t turn you on

To have sex with some one who dosen`t turn you on is pretty hard, but it is possible! The trick is to make her pretty. But how the hell do you make a nasty girl pretty? To night I fucked a girl that I actually don`t find attractive, but I loved it. But how?

The secret is to find something you like. If she got a nice ass, focus on that. If she got a nice pussy, focus on that. I always focus on the parts of the girl I like. If she is shitfaceugly don`t look at her face. If her pussy looks like two slices of bacon, don`t look at it. You got it?

But what to do if the girl has nothing you turn on? Then you have to make her sexy. Here is my way to make a girl hot:
1. Find her best looking body part (which you fancy)
2. Why is it not attractive?
3. If it is too big, just look at it from a new angle
4. If it is too pale, switch of the light
5. If it looks strange from one position, dosen`t mean that it looks strange from other positions.

You guys see my point? If the girl overall is turnoff, she usually have something turn on. focus on that. If she does not have anything turn on, try to make the best out of it.

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