5 tips on how to look good in bed

Well, since this is actually my full time job, I think I`m going to write a short guide in how to look good in bed. There is of course there is different opinion on this topic, but here is what I think of. And I have succeeded pretty well!

1. Don`t be a sissy. Don`t turn off the light, and jump to bed with your clothes on. If you want to look good, be confident. Dim the light, and start undress each other. This will make you look confident, and that is always positive

2. Have a neat place to fuck. Girls especially finds it rather turnoff to fuck in a untidy room. There is a lot of people who feels that is the room is dirty the person is dirty. So a boy with a dirty room, will actually be considered as a dirty person.

3. Personal hygiene is maybe the most important to look good. I`m not talking about showering every morning. I`m talking about the importance of everything. Hands,nails,teeth etc. More time you spend on this, the better. Also remember to shower straight before sex. Nothing is more turn on than a 100% clean person.

4. Don`t be shy about the body parts you don`t like. If your sex partner starts touching a place you don`t like, let her. If she does this it`s because she likes it. And that is the most important!

5. Copy you sex partner. If she moans, she likes moaning. If she kisses a lot, she likes kissing. If she is riding you rough, she probably likes being fucked rough.And so on. So always try to see what she is doing, and learn from it.

Well this is my 5 cents! Do you guys have any suggestions?

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