Gigoloing for beginners!

Okey! Now I just got back from a party, and I feel like writing a guide on how to become a gigolo(for beginners)!

1. First of all, you need a name. NOT your real name. Mine is Marlowe Xx! This is my artist name.

2. Okei, now you got a name. Have a look at your dick. If it`s smaller than avrage go to the mirror. Watch yourself in the eyes, and say ” I will never work as a gigolo. If it`s avrage or better go on to step 3.

3.  Have a look at your body. It should be okey. You have to look fit.¨

4. Get in contact with people. Here is creativity the limit. Make profiles with pictures of you, make a user on a porntube site etc. Just make sure people see what they buy.

5. Go sell youself. Remember to get payed.

Number 5 is very imporant. If you forgot to get payed, you are a crackwhore.

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