Let`s open it for business!

As I told you, I had a request of doing a virgin, and I did her.

I came to her last night, and just tried to be as careful as I could. We talked a bit, and had a glass of wine. After that, we went to her bedroom. It was nothing romantic.. We just removed or clothes, and turned of the light. I think I spend almost half hour to warm her slowly up. Then I slowly stuck my thing-thing in her. I think I was max 1 inch in her, before she screamed of pain. After like 3 minutes of sex, she could not handle it anymore. It was just too painful. I understand her, my dick was bloody when we finished. She is going to be soar to morrow! 

But now she does not have the problem of being a virgin. And I have made some easy money. I think we both were happy over the outcome! Even selling sex is my job, I get really turned on by some girls.

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