My worst job I: The Mc Donald`s chick

The reason I wrote “my worst job I” is because I have done some many nasty jobs, so I don`t have the time to pick “the worst”. Well, this is ONE of my worst jobs. I hope you enjoy it, cause I almost puked while writing!

It was a year or two after I first came to the U.S. And I was pretty new in the city. One one morning a friend called me, and had the worst hangover. He suggested that we went to Mc Donald’s , and so we did. I ordered my regular menu: one cheeseburger and one coke. I can`t stand this kind of junkfood. It`s not good, and it`s not healthy! So why eat it?

When we sat there eating (and talked shit) it comes two girls, who one of them is my client. She knows I don`t like to speak in public, so she don`t comes over. Her friend was a monster. I guess around 300 pounds, and just a bit over 5 feet tall. From now on, I`m referring to this girls as “The Monster”. The monster bought almost the same as me, one coke and 14 cheeseburgers! Yes, 14! I was freaked out by this monster. After we terrified saw “The Monster” eat 14 burgers, I went home.

Later the same day I got a SMS. It was from “The Monster”. She wanted to buy sex from me. But this was not the worst, she wanted me to do it in her ass! I was not going to do this fat monster in her shitter! One think is to do a 100 pound girl in the ass, they barley eat. But “The Monster” is a eating machine! But I have this policy of never say “no”. So I answered that I was busy, so it would become really expensive. I think I sad it would cost her 20 000$. She didden`t seem that rich. But I got a message 1 minute lighter; and it was: “Ok. My place xxxxxxx at 8″. OH FUCK, I was actually going to do “The Monster” in her ASS! The same place that 14 cheeseburgers will come out lighter that night.

At 8, I went to her place. She had on the SICKEST outfit I have ever seen! It was a nurse outfit. And guess what she had in her ass, a butt plug. I have never seen such a horrible sight. Well, I don`t have the stomach to describe the sex, but it was like putting you dick in a horse`s ass. And when we finally was finished, my entire fucking crouch was full of shitt. I`m sure I was covered in a pound of shitt!

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