Do a virgin?

Okey, I have gotten a STRANGE request! A 19 year old virgin, asked me to help her loose her virginity. I`m actually not sure what to do! I don`t mind doing a 19 year old girl. But I have always thought first time should be special. On the other side, I`m professional. I know what I do. It must be better to have first time with a guy who knows what he is doing, instead of a teenage boy who blows his load just from seeing titties..

Since she is a virgin, I guess she will be pritty tight. And to work as a man whore you need pritty large requirement. I think it would be rather pain full for her. But who am I do decide. I have met 19 year old girls who are wide as a medium sized barns..I hope she have tryed with a dildo, or something. Else it will become bloody. But as long it`s not my sheets we are doing it. I`m going to do her lighter to day, so I will tell you how it went to morrow!

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