Sorry for not writing this weekend. I have been on a visit to one of my clients, who is married. I went to her place in the countryside with her, and her KIDS. She told them that I was a friend. Her husband was in France doing business. 

Anyway, this client is a real kinky girl. And she likes to use ropes during sex. So on saturday night she tied my to the bed, and sat her self on top of me. Suddenly her oldest kid comes running in to the room (he had apparently seen a ghost..). Poor boy. No one deserves to see that. But the little fucker, did not scream and run out like other kids. He took up he`s cell phone, and took a picture. Then he went screaming out of the room. With he`s mom chasing him.

To make this story short: The fucker send the picture as an MMS to he`s father. I don`t know what will happen next for her. But I promise to tell you guys about it!

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