How I became a gigolo

Well, I got the question about how I became a gigolo, so I thought I should answer in a post!

I came from a poor family from the Macedonian countryside. My father died when I was young, so it was just my mom, and my 3 younger brothers. I started to work from an early age. I worked at a hospital, and I learned a lot about myself during that time. I learned that I can adapt to things I don`t like very fast.

At the age of 19 I started working in Saraevo. I was a waiter in the V.I.P section of a popular night club in Sarajevo. A middle aged lady, gave me a huge tip, and told me that she would give me 10 times that if I went home with her. I came from a poor family and I send home money every month. I could not afford to say no. I will do anything if my family need money to the basic needs.

Well, after that night, I realized one thing: It was not that bad. I can honestly say that it was worth it. I knew that I can get used to anything! The payment is so much greater than the effort. After this episode, I started to sell my “services”. And this is how I became a gigolo! If you guys want to know more, please comment, and I will do my best to answer!

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