My shitty Thursday

Thursdays are the worst day of my week. I fucking hate them. To night I`m going to work for my regular 1 day a week client. It`s is this old woman who pays my car, apartment and my bills, but I have to sleep at her place once a week. It`s not the sex which is the problem. It`s the amount of sex I must have. I guess I have to spend around 3 or 4 hours doing her to night.
It`s hell to spend so much time fucking, but she pays me well. I`m driving a nice car, and having a big apartment. So it`s worth it.

But I`m really looking forward to morrow! You remember the cute girl I told you about a couple of days ago? Well, she want`s me to work for her to morrow! Hehe, I`m looking forward to that! I just have to survive this night! Wish me good luck!

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