Wear a fucking condom, PLEASE!

Hey! Today I got a said message; an old friend of mine, Sahid, got diagnozed with HIV\AIDS! Sahid did the biggest mistake in the whole prostitution buissness, he skipped the condom for some extra money. It`s common for straight-gigolos to skip the condom for some money, beacause the risk of getting STDs are so small. But it is there. Have sex everyday, and I can promise you that you will get a BAD STD some day!

But I hope this is a reminder to all of those out there; please use a condom! I don`t care how small the chances are. Sahid thought they were small, now he is going to die. Maybe he will live 10, 15 or eaven 30 more years, but he have lost his life, since he know he is going to die.

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Strange preferences!

To day I got a strange request. I was asked to do a chinadoll in front of one of my clients. Haha. If you drag your hands over a ballon, you hear a nasty sound. This sound also comes when you are fucking a plastic doll. If I hear this sound one more time, I`m going to shoot myself!

Anyway, it was something new to actually get paid to do a plastic doll! But it feelt kinda strange to blow my load in the face of something made of plastic. But what the hell. I`m a whore. I do anything for money!

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10 things that is needed to become a gigolo

Lightly I have received a lot of mails regarding who to become a gigolo. I though I`m going to answer the basic and most asked questions in this post. I`m starting to get tired of people asking for the same over and over, so I hope this post will give you all the information you need.

1. Age. I always get the question what age is good. My answer is easy: supply and demand. If you have a look no mater age that people want, your good.

2. Where to find clients. There are a lot on people on this earth. But the cheapest way to find clients is through the internet. Make a presentation on yourself with picture, and get in touch with girls.

3. Is there any romance in this job. Yes, but not with the clients. It`s ok to treat a client like a friend, but never as a date! NEVER! The last ting a gigolo need is a client with a crush.

4. socializing. Never to this. You don`t socialize with you boss, and the clients are your boss. Never see them as friends, just as your boss. If it was not for them, you won`t getting any money.

5. Price. Always tell them what the price is, and that you are a gigolo. It`s really risky to not tell the price. Girls or boys are not so familiar with the thought of guys selling sex. Don`t give them that suprize.

6. Viagra. Never use this. If you plan on working as a gigolo, and don`t get it hard, viagra should not be an option. It`s bad for you in the amounts that is needed to do this job.

7. How to stay hard. Well, basically you should have so much sex, that it feel`s just the same as jerking off. If your own hand can make you horny, then a girl should too.

8. How to live. To be enable to have sex so often, it`s important to exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep. I can`t say how important the last one is.

9. Test your self. Go out, find the most ugly chick in the bar, and do her. When you are sober. Then repeat this 10 times. If you then feel ok about it, you are ready to do start working.

10. Wear protection. Just do it. I don`t want any of you guys to get some kind of disease!


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Doing a paralyzed chick

Yesterday I was reading on the Yahoo answer forum, and a dude asked if it was possible to have sex with a paralyzed chick. I promised him that I was going to write about one of my experiences with this. So here we go.

I think last time was around 3 or 4 years ago. One night I got a sms saying “hi. 25 year old paralyzed girl wanting your services. call me”. When I talked to her she told me that she had been completely paralyzed from her waist and down. She told me that she wanted to see if it was possible to have sex or not. I understood her, and we planned a “date” the next day.

I went to her house around 8. She sat in a wheelchair. After a bit of talking, we decided to get down to business . I had to carry her out of her chair, and undress her. After a bit of clumsy attempt to get it in, I finally succeeded. It`s harder than to think to do a paralyzed girl.

She was so lucky, since she wasen`t “dead” down stairs. After the sex, I told her that it was a lot of people that actually becomes turned on doing paralyzed girls. And I also gave her a link to a sex site for girls and boys like her! I`m like a little saint, right?

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5 tips on how to look good in bed

Well, since this is actually my full time job, I think I`m going to write a short guide in how to look good in bed. There is of course there is different opinion on this topic, but here is what I think of. And I have succeeded pretty well!

1. Don`t be a sissy. Don`t turn off the light, and jump to bed with your clothes on. If you want to look good, be confident. Dim the light, and start undress each other. This will make you look confident, and that is always positive

2. Have a neat place to fuck. Girls especially finds it rather turnoff to fuck in a untidy room. There is a lot of people who feels that is the room is dirty the person is dirty. So a boy with a dirty room, will actually be considered as a dirty person.

3. Personal hygiene is maybe the most important to look good. I`m not talking about showering every morning. I`m talking about the importance of everything. Hands,nails,teeth etc. More time you spend on this, the better. Also remember to shower straight before sex. Nothing is more turn on than a 100% clean person.

4. Don`t be shy about the body parts you don`t like. If your sex partner starts touching a place you don`t like, let her. If she does this it`s because she likes it. And that is the most important!

5. Copy you sex partner. If she moans, she likes moaning. If she kisses a lot, she likes kissing. If she is riding you rough, she probably likes being fucked rough.And so on. So always try to see what she is doing, and learn from it.

Well this is my 5 cents! Do you guys have any suggestions?

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How to have sex with some one who dosen`t turn you on

To have sex with some one who dosen`t turn you on is pretty hard, but it is possible! The trick is to make her pretty. But how the hell do you make a nasty girl pretty? To night I fucked a girl that I actually don`t find attractive, but I loved it. But how?

The secret is to find something you like. If she got a nice ass, focus on that. If she got a nice pussy, focus on that. I always focus on the parts of the girl I like. If she is shitfaceugly don`t look at her face. If her pussy looks like two slices of bacon, don`t look at it. You got it?

But what to do if the girl has nothing you turn on? Then you have to make her sexy. Here is my way to make a girl hot:
1. Find her best looking body part (which you fancy)
2. Why is it not attractive?
3. If it is too big, just look at it from a new angle
4. If it is too pale, switch of the light
5. If it looks strange from one position, dosen`t mean that it looks strange from other positions.

You guys see my point? If the girl overall is turnoff, she usually have something turn on. focus on that. If she does not have anything turn on, try to make the best out of it.

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One night in paris (or 5)

I have spent 5 days in Paris, with one of my clients. I think it`s unecessary to say that it contained a lot of sex. I`m soar like hell! When I get back, I need some vacation or my dick will become usless!

First day we just came to our hotell, and ordered som food up to our room. Then we had sex, watched tv and had some more sex. It was okey, she was really tight, so it was a bit hard to not blow my load right away (but when looking at her face, that was not a problem).

Anyways, the rest of the days were pritty boring. Sex, see Paris, some more sex and some more Paris. It was a buisness trip. I got good payed, and I got to see France!

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